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A Biographical Novel by Robert Picart

Dive into the magnetic debut novel, Goddie, as Robert Picart takes you on the triumphant journey of a young Jamaican girl as she navigates the loss of her parents, poverty and the rediscovery of her courage and purpose.

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Meet the Author

Robert Picart

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While growing up in Toronto, Canada, Robert Picart’s affinity for culture, music, and good company were birthed. As a business consultant, former missionary, and world traveller, Picart is forever an observer and storyteller. What began as a personal project to learn about his mother’s life and Jamaican heritage quickly evolved into his debut novel, Goddie, celebrating the trials and tribulations of an immigrant’s journey and what it means to start over from the middle.

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What People Are Saying About GODDIE

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"In Goddie, Picart wove a West Indian journey that forces those of us born to immigrant parents to take stock, stand proud, and commit to finishing the vision our forebears sacrificed for.”

Donald F. McLeod, 
Justice in the Ontario Court of Justice

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"Goddie is a welcomed contribution to Black Canadian literature”

Natasha Henry,

President, Ontario Black History Society

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"The story of Goddie is a searing tribute to the people of Jamaica and the wider Caribbean diaspora. Picart beautifully wove a searing tale of loss and abandonment against the backdrop of my home country. ”

Marla Hunter,

Professor of Mathematics and Science,

John Hopkins University of Education


"A magnificent contribution to understanding the untold chronicles of Caribbean people who paved the road for people like me to travel”

Lenworth (Len) Carby,

United Way Greater Toronto Trustee

Dahabo Ahmed Omer.jpg

"The pearl-like words of Goddie's story will bring tears to your eyes and warmth to your heart.”

Dahabo Ahmed-Omer,

Executive Director of the BlackNorth Initiative

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"Picart's profound and expressive writing left me bursting with curiosity about my capacity to be resilient. ”

Mirthell Mitchell,

Co-Founder of Onyx Star Media


Learn About Goddie

“Yes, the morning breeze was a false friend. For one little girl named Goddie, the August breeze of 1945 would never feel the same again.”


In Robert Picart’s debut novel Goddie, we read the story of a young girl born in the mid-1900s in the picturesque Blue Mountains of Jamaica. To tourists, it’s a paradise of crystal blue waters, coffee and rum. For residents, poverty, second-class citizenship and violence are reminders of daily hardship.


It’s here that we meet sixteen-year-old Goddie. With the sudden loss of both parents, Goddie finds herself indentured to strangers in order to pay for school. Heartbroken, weary and alone, our heroine forms a plan to escape to Great Britain as the Windrush movement escalates.

Podcast & Playlist


Listen to the voice of Goddie herself, Veta Picart, as she shares parts of her journey in Jamaica, England and Canada.


Groove the songs and sounds representing the Goddie vibe. Enjoy over 30 songs personally curated by Robert Picart.

Yes, I’m Ready To Check Out Goddie

Copyright © 2022 Robert Picart
Publisher: New Degree Press (2022)
978-1-63730-431-0 Paperback
978-1-63730-519-5 Kindle Ebook
978-1-63730-520-1 Digital Ebook
Library of Congress Control Number: 2021917813
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