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Author.  Value creator. Cultural navigator. Former missionary. Well-traveled. News binger. Integrity centric. Results gardener.  Identical twin.  Toronto kid.  Let's have coffee.....or some Jamaican food.


Author of the upcoming novel "Goddie" (Expected Summer 2021).

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Robert Picart is an emerging non-fiction writer, cultural explorer, former missionary, community volunteer, and city explorer. 

Born in the vibrant and diverse Toronto, Canada, Robert identified early his affinity for culture, music, and the company of good friends.  Forever the people watcher, he spent his early days hopping on and off the subway, discovering new frontiers, new flavors, and new friends. 

As a young adult, his love for community translated into serving as a missionary in Majuro, a south pacific island where he taught high school.  A great music enthusiast and collaborator, he co-founded the exceptional Faith Chorale, a Juno award-winning choir that produced three albums and countless recording and film credits.   Robert carved his professional standing as a supply chain practitioner and sales professional in the manufacturing, mental health, and software sectors.  His ability to articulate value and improve process expanded his exposure to various industries and geographies including Eastern Europe, Brazil, South Africa, and Asia.  


Recently, Robert completed his debut non-fiction novel, Goddie.  The story explores what happens when our lives get interrupted and how one puts the pieces back together.   The book is based on valuable lessons learned through the migration and trauma of his own mother.   

Robert holds a graduate level degree from the University of Maryland.  Beyond the Zoom calls and writing activities, Robert can be found spending time with his family, enjoying coffee and a good book outside, or getting into some West Indian food in downtown Toronto or Atlanta, Georgia. 

You can learn more about him at: @robertpicart

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