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Brand New Novel "GODDIE" by Robert Picart 

Pre-order this captivating book of a young immigrant girl who navigates grief, abandonment, and escapes. A riveting true novel that shows that you can start over from the middle. 

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This Is How You Can Help

I am so excited about this upcoming release!  As part of your pre-order commitment, we are offering some exclusive rewards. Join me on this self-publishing journey as we introduce the world to the story of GODDIE.


Thank you so much. 

You Will Receive From Me:

  • Your Name In The Book

  • Hand Signed Book with Note

  • A Vote on the Final Cover Art

  • Early Chapter Digital Releases

also pre-release access to

  • "GODDIE" Podcast

  • Curated iTunes/Spotify Playlists 

Shipping Globally August 2021


"This book is for anyone who has ever had to leave everything they’ve ever known. It’s for that person who went somewhere they’ve never been, to get something they’ve never had." 

 - Robert Picart

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