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Copenhagen. My Favorite Place.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

But what I really love about this place is that it reminds me how complicated I sometimes make my life. This place reminds me that the greatest joy in life can be found in an afternoon bike ride to the main square. Trying to keep up with the Jones is ridiculous because nobody really cares and even the Jones are on bicycles enjoying a Saturday afternoon.

Copenhagen reminds me to keep life simple. You don’t need a bunch of anything to feel like you have something. All you need is good company, good food, and a bicycle with brakes. I love it.

I have to admit that having travelled all over the world, Copenhagen is still one of my favorite places. It’s not about the geography. It’s the peace. I could have peace anywhere of course because God is everywhere but this place is special for me. Thank you Mark and Nicole for a fantastic weekend. Stay tuned for the video.

Life Is Short. Find your favorite place.


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