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Everything Gets Clear Once You See The Sign.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021


I was out with the family this evening.   I drove past the gas station and nearly choked.  The sign said $3.47 per gallon for premium.   This german car doesn’t seem so fancy at $3.47 per gallon. One thing did happen though.  I got very clear.   All of a sudden I was aware of everything.   All of a sudden I was driving 65 miles per hour in the right hand lane.   All of a sudden I was checking the air in my tires and checking the air filter in my car.  All of a sudden the Toyota Prius didn’t look like a rolling egg.

It’s amazing how you go back to basics when you see the sign.   I’ve been watching the news all week about the turmoil in Egypt, Libya, and Iran.  If it’s not fires in California, then it’s earthquakes in Argentina and New Zealand.  If it’s not

someone shooting a congressman then its someone shooting their entire family.  I will not pretend to be some boombastic bible scholar but you get the sense that there’s a fundamental change happening.  

Everything seems eerie. Conflict long overdue for resolution seem like they will never be solved.  People kill anyone for  anything at anytime.  Road rage.  Facebook rage.  Job rage.  Everyone is raging.  Things are changing.  Things are speeding up.  The Jones are broke.  The “Madoffs” have made off.  The job could care less about you and genuine care has been replaced with “R U OK?” and “Where U At”?  Discussion on life has been replaced by reunions shows on foolishness.

It’s all getting clear.  What I learned in church is getting clearer.  What I learned from my mom is getting clearer.  The importance of holiness is getting clearer.  With each newscast it all seems to be getting clearer.

I’m reading the signs.  I’m getting clearer.

(P.S.  Gas in Copenhagen is $5.93/gallon USD so I should probably shut all the crying up huh?  What’s up Nik?)

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