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Haiti – The Angels Have Not Forgotten You.

I’m trying to write this blog without becoming upset. The island of Haiti is all I think about. The people consume my thoughts. The work is just so much. The dead lie randomly giving warning to those who can only just look and then look away. It’s just too much. I grieve for people I only know in brotherhood. Haiti’s situation reframe everything for me. Tell me what doesn’t become vanity now? Tell me what is important now?  We give money. We keep vigil on CNN. We call our friends to grieve together. We grieve. We grieve. We grieve some more. I feel helpless. I realize that help is on the way but as a Christian person, this is the call we wait for. This tragedy is what we are designed for.

But in the midst of this, I give God thanks. I praise him for his infinite mercy and grace. I praise him for the lives of those who are no more. I praise him for changing our focus from Tiger Woods, Gosselins, and The Batchelor to something more important. I thank him from showing us that life is more than the Super Bowl, Louboutin shoes, and our next hair appointment. I thank him for reminding us that this life is but a chapter that will close upon his return.

While it may seem the angels have folded their wings away from Haiti, God’s rescue effort goes beyond reaches of the Red Cross. God has not forgotten you Haiti. Through coup d’état, famine, slavery, and economic tsunami God has not forgotten. The angels have not turn their wings away. There is no curse on you family.

Dieu peut vous entendre l’Haïti.

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