House Cleaning.

So I’m cleaning my house and I’m really not loving the idea. The only reason I do it is because of the reward of a fresh smelling house. I like the house clean because I feel the state of the house is reflection on my and the state of my life. The house should be able to receive guests at anytime. It’s anal retentive perhaps but that’s me. I can’t be all crazy because Susan can’t stand a crazy looking house either.

As I get older I’m trying to find ministry in the simplest things in life. As hard as it is to clean the house, sometimes it’s just as hard to maintain spiritual cleanliness. Weekly worship. Family worship. Prayer every night. Church every weekend. Guarding our mind. Guarding our tongue. Guarding our body. It’s work.

Well I guess if I can ready my physical house to receive guests, surely I can ready my spiritural house to receive what God is trying to do in my life. Just like Tide gets the stains the others leave be hide, God gets the stains the enemy leaves behind.

I guess I better get back to cleaning.

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