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I have lived the day you will live.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021


I recently had to travel to Russia on business.  If you include layovers it took close to 20 hours to reach Moscow.  The interesting part about being on the other side of the world is that once you arrive, you are now in a time zone that is many hours ahead of the time zone you just left.  It only became apparent when I wanted to call my wife and realized that while I was ending my day, she was just beginning the same day.  It’s a very strange feeling to be “ahead” in time.

Then it struck me.

   As disconcerting as that feeling was, it was actually quite reassuring.  Just as I’ve seen everything my family will see in the same day, God has experienced either by command or by his son everything we are going to experience.  He understands what loss feels like, he understands what it feels to be let down, and he understands what if means to give up the one thing tha

t means the most.

So this blog is very simple.  For me, God is truly the only person that understands.  He is the only one who has seen what I’m about to see.   That’s credibility.  Like God needs to be deemed credit worthy right?  He has seen the beginning and end.  Alpha and Omega.  I like that.

Be blessed

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