Living Sacrifice

Updated: Apr 24, 2021


For me, the Bible can be a complex experience.  I say “experience” because every time I dive in, its like going on a new adventure.  I get to explore the person I could be if I could only get out of the way of the person that I am.  You’ll get that in a minute.  Anyway, the Bible talks about presenting ourselves as a “living sacrifice”.   I won’t pretend to be a theologian.  In fact, I might even mess up this interpretation.  Sacrifice implies we are either physically, spiritually, or emotionally tied to some kind of “altar”.   It is only when we are put into a “sacrificial position”  that God gets into his position to show us who he is.  Remember, he used his own son to demonstrate that point. Your altar may be a bad marriage, crazy kids, horrible job, abusive parents, or declining heath.   That which we are “tied” to in some capacity is designed to kill us.  Why anyone would want to be a “living sacrifice” is beyond me.   Then it was explained to me.  I really hope I say this right.  It is when we are “tied” to the thing that is killing us that we have the greatest capacity to praise.  God knows that if he left us to our own devices we wouldn’t even look in his direction.   Just like the Pharisees. It is through our greatest “sacrifice” moments that we come into the honesty of our relationship with God.   It is only then that God can show us and others who he is.  God uses that “sacrifice” so that others may see that there is a “coming through”.   How would you know about the sufficiency of grace if there was not a sacrifice?  For those of us who happened to be the “tied up” ones, this blog probably doesn’t make you feel better.   Hopefully this blog just allowed you to see your “altar” differently.   Thank you Pastor Byrd for this word.  Roman 12:1 R.

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