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Ok, I’ll admit it.

Janet Jackson

Anyway, during the interview she spoke on how she’s at a point in her life where you care very little for the surface opinion’s of others. You cherish your real friends and learn to keep some things to yourself. I like that. I’m getting there too. I guess the older you get the less you truly care about the drama. The older you get, the less pretending you do. The older you get the less energy you have to continue a performance that has no standing ovation, yields no roses, or Academy Award. It’s so much easier just to be you. Breath in. Breath out. Just be you.

Let’s face it, God already knows who you really are anyway so why the performance? Let it go. You don’t even need to bow. Just walk off the stage and leave it there. It’s a new day people. Let’s stop acting. I guess I did have a spiritual reflection huh? Gotta go…………(looking for my Control CD)

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