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Old Friends.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021


I had lunch with an old friend today.  I haven’t seen her for a few years and I quite honestly could have sat in that restaurant for hours and chatted.  There is something about a good friendship that I just love.   To me, good friendships are like familiar blankets.   You don’t have to explain your history.  You don’t have to give all the details.  They just know.  True friends don’t even have to speak.  Sometimes just being in each other presence is enough.  The beauty is you can both reconcile your shortcomings to each other and in the end nobody cares.  We are all flawed and we know it.  It is in that knowledge that the friendship is perfected.

It seems that life has begun to go faster and faster.  Things are changing so fast.  I think I’m OK with that if it still means I can sit down and have a meaningful conversation with a good friend.  When is the last time you’ve had a meaningful conversation with a good friend?  When I think about it, perhaps the biggest side benefit of heaven is being able to sit and just talk with those you cherish the most.  What a time.  I’m dedicating this blog to my friend Joelle.   It is a privilege to know you.  Susan and I will be in Cali soon.

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