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Putting Your Mouth On People.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021


I knew the title would get your attention. I won’t take complete credit for this blog. It was part of a long article I read but I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you. We are all guilty of the one thing that kills people everyday. The older I get, the more I cannot stand gossip. I guess I just don’t want anyone talking about me.

I have yet to see the fruit of gossip be anything but pain and destruction. Death and life are held in the tongue. It is amazing how we take momentary feelings of contentment to tear down someone else. As my Jamaican mother would say, "Stop put your mouth on people’s kids". I found something that might help. Let’s call it the 3 filter test.

Filter 1: Is what you are about to say actually true? Filter 2: Is what you are about to say good? Filter 3: Is what you are about to say truly useful to the person you are sharing it with?

Ask yourself these questions and "stop put your mouth on people’s kids". Let’s try this and see where it takes us. I’m sure it will be better than where we’ve been. They say the American pastime is baseball. I tend to think its gossip. Let’s all do better.

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