Shims. Who knew?

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

*Reposted. Oldie but Goodie**

It’s amazing how God speaks to me in everything. Crazy.

For the past few weeks I’ve been renovating my master bathroom. I could sure use some disciples right now to help me lift some granite. Anyway, I was getting ready to install the countertop and when I checked to see if the cabinet was level, it was off by about half an inch. It sure looked level with the old countertop on it but that wasn’t reality. It just looked like reality. I had to put these slim wood “shims” in to bring the level up to its true height. Now the counter can carry anything.

Some of us (including me sometimes) live thinking everything is level. We think everything is structurally sound and we can carry anything. It’s not until we allow God to put a level on us that we realize that we are not structurally sound at all. We need to be “shimmed up” so that we can truly withstand anything.

I thought I had a great counter before, but now my counter has been shimmed up. I (I mean the counter) can withstand anything. Shims anyone?

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