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They are listening.

So yesterday my family and basically the rest of the Atlanta area had to deal with a significant flooding situation here in Georgia.  Rain all weekend. Homes flooded.  Highways flooded.  Stores flooded. 6 Flags flooded.   It was pretty messy.  During the confusion of getting kids and avoiding sinkholes, my son Malachi and his friend Hayden were together discussing the rain situation. 

The debate was whether God had broken his promise concerning the flood.  You see God promised he would never again destroy the world by flood and here we are in a flood.  Not quite Noah’s Ark but you get the picture.  Anyway,  Hayden’s mom shared with me that their conclusion of the discussion was that God doesn’t break his promises.  He keeps his convenants despite our ability to do the same.

What’s interesting about this is that we were having this same discussion last week.  I wasn’t happy with the children because they kept falling asleep during family worship.  I didn’t think they were listening.

What’s my point? The point is they are listening.  The seeds are taking root.   That’s a pretty good feeling.

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